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Liga Nacional

Real Sociedad vs UPNFM

Who will win?

Starting Lineups

Real Sociedad

M. Allen González

W. Crisanto Casildo

R. Zapata

S. Pozantes

E. Delgado Zerón

C. Oseguera Raudales

Á. Torres Píriz

D. Martínez

D. Reyes Sandoval

R. Martínez Alméndarez

Mariano Ortiz

Jeferson Collazos Viveros

Axell David Fuentes Segura

Dexter Monico

Brayan Núñez

Kelvin Elian Matute León

César Romero

Carlos Sabillón Noriega

Daniel Rocha

Francisco Javier Reyes Acosta

Marel Álvarez

Maynor Arzú Figueroa

Michael Otoniel Osorio Morales


C. Valladares Ávila

J. Leverón Uclés

L. Medina Almendares

A. Gómez Guzmán

H. Bernárdez Caballero

O. Morazán Torres

E. Torres Guatemala

C. Róchez Crisanto

S. Elvir Suniga

W. Moncada

J. Róchez

Eduard Reyes

Ted Bodden

Jefry Edgardo Macías

Luis Cerna

Arnold Josué Meléndez Rivera

Christopher Jared Urmeneta Flores

Denovan Galileo Torres Pérez

Edgar Enrique Vasquez Mejía

Jason Sánchez

Luis Ismael Santos Alvarado

Pedro Ramón GonzáleZ Martínez

Eliud López

Real Sociedad


Liga Nacional

Liga Nacional

Liga Nacional

Liga Nacional

Liga Nacional

About the Match

<p>Real Sociedad and UPNFM will meet on January 25th, 2023 in a Liga Nacional match in Tocoa.</p> <p>At Betarena, you can access a vast selection of <a href="">tips</a>, <a href="">live results</a>, and <a href="">post-match analysis</a> throughout the Liga Nacional. Our statistics platform is also constantly being updated to provide a precise range of data to analyze, accessible to all sports lovers, bettors, and sports trading. Here you will find the platform that gathers the most data and statistics to use for your benefit.</p> <p>Verify if your preferred bookmaker will stream this live game between Real Sociedad and UPNFM! Numerous sites in the field have given customers this option; surely, this is a match you won't want to miss.</p> <p>The Liga Nacional is the top soccer competition in the country, so teams usually give their best in these duels, looking for the title.</p> <p>Currently, Real Sociedad is in 10th place position, and UPNFM is in 8th place.</p> <p>Real Sociedad are coming from a loss in their last appearance against Olimpia, by 2-0, while UPNFM, won in their most recent encounter, against Motagua, 2-1.</p> <p>UPNFM comes in high spirits for this clash since they have accumulated a string of 3 consecutive triumphs currently—a good indication of the team's good phase.</p> <p>The Liga Nacional has an average of 4.48 yellow cards per match. This indicates that refereeing in the competition tends to give few bookings.</p> <p>In the Liga Nacional duels, we average 8.34 corners per match. So we can see that the games are lively, which usually pleases the lovers of offensive soccer.</p> <p>The home teams usually do well in Liga Nacional matches. One indication is that home teams average 1.63 goals per appearance.</p> <p>It is not so usual to see visiting teams manage to score many goals. The numbers show that. The average number of goals scored by teams playing away from home in the tournament is 1.2 per game.</p> <p><b>Match details:</b></p><p><b>NAME:</b> Real Sociedad - UPNFM</p><p><b>DATE:</b> 25-01-2023</p><p><b>TIME:</b> 16:00</p><p><b>STADIUM:</b> Estadio Francisco Martínez Durón, Tocoa</p>


Real Sociedad