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Milo vs Renaissance

Who will win?

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About the Match

Milo and Renaissance will meet on April 03th, 2024 in a Ligue 1 match in Siguiri.

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The Ligue 1 is the top soccer competition in the country. While the main goal for some teams in the Ligue 1 may be to win the title, all teams compete in the league with varying objectives. Some teams may aim to avoid relegation to a lower league, while others may strive for a top-spot finish to qualify for International competitions. Therefore, all teams in the league put in their best effort during matches to achieve their respective goals.

Currently, Milo is in 10th place position, and Renaissance is in 7th place.

Milo are coming from a loss in their last appearance against ASM Sangarédi, by 0-0, while Renaissance, drew in their most recent encounter, against Hafia, 0-0.

In last Ligue 1 season's duels, on average, we had 0.11 corners per match. In other words, the duels of the competition, for the most part, are not usually so exciting from an offensive point of view, which should not change much at the start of the new edition.

Historically, home teams tend to perform better in Ligue 1 matches, which is reflected in the average number of goals scored per home appearance in the last edition of the tournament, which was 1.21. It is expected that this trend will continue in the current season.

It is not so usual to see visiting clubs manage to score many goals. Last season's figures, for example, show this. The average number of goals scored by teams playing away from home in the competition was 0.98 goals per game.

Match details:

NAME: Milo - Renaissance

DATE: 03-04-2024

TIME: 11:00

STADIUM: Stade Kankou Moussa, Siguiri


When and where is the Milo vs. Renaissance match taking place?

The Milo vs. Renaissance match is scheduled to take place on April 03th, 2024, at the Stade Kankou Moussa in Siguiri.

Which TV stations or bookmakers will stream the live match?

We regret to inform you that there are no TV stations available for live broadcasting of the match. However, you may explore alternative online platforms or streaming services to catch the game.

What is the current position of Milo and Renaissance in the Ligue 1?

Milo is currently in the 10th place, while Renaissance is in the 7th place in the Ligue 1.

How did Milo and Renaissance perform in their previous matches?

Milo are coming from a loss in their last appearance against ASM Sangarédi, by 0-0, while Renaissance, drew in their most recent encounter, against Hafia, 0-0.

What are some statistical insights about the Ligue 1?

In the Ligue 1, several statistical insights provide valuable information about the nature of matches. On average, there are 0 yellow cards per game, indicating the general booking rate by referees. The average number of corners per match is 0.11, reflecting the level of lively and offensive gameplay in the league. Home teams in the Ligue 1 tend to score an average of 1.21 goals per game, while visiting teams score an average of 0.98 goals per game. These statistics offer a glimpse into the dynamics and characteristics of matches in the Ligue 1.
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