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Goiano 1

CRAC vs Goiás

Who will win?

Starting Lineups


C. Ferraz

W. Alves da Silva

N. Rodrigues Perpétuo de Oliveira

E. Haas Gehlen

E. da Silva Soares

L. Gonçalves da Silva Santos

J. de Almeida Santos

J. de Melo da Silva

Wagner Pinheiro Ferreira

V. Neves Rangel

J. Azevedo dos Santos

Luis Fernando Santos da Conceicao

Igor Ferreira Pupinski

Kayron Batista Ramos

Marcos Vinicius Bento

Luis Felype Carvalho Ramos

Christian Rosa Silva

Fidel Rocha dos Santos

João Victor Martins Fonseca

Rafael Cardoso de Almeida

Reinaldo Junio Guimarães Rodrigues Cunha

Wilson de Paula Cavalheiro Filho


T. Ferreira

B. Ferreira Melo

S. Bortolotto

L. Halter

Y. da Cruz Souto

W. de Oliveira Silva

J. Araújo Fernandes

J. Palacios

C. Maia do Nascimento

N. Godinho Johann

V. Santos Silva

Breno Herculano Almeida

Nathan Melo Silva

Alesson dos Santos Batista

Philippe Almeida Costa

Hugo Ferreira de Farias

Marcelo Rangel Rosa

Eduardo Higino da Silva

Heron Crespo da Silva

João Paulo da Silva Brandão

Magno José da Silva



Goiano 1

Goiano 1

Goiano 1

Goiano 1

Goiano 1



Vila Nova

Atlético GO









Grêmio Anápolis

About the Match

<p>CRAC and Goiás will meet on January 25th, 2023 in a Goiano 1 match in Catalão.</p> <p>At Betarena, you can access a vast selection of <a href="">tips</a>, <a href="">live results</a>, and <a href="">post-match analysis</a> throughout the Goiano 1. Our statistics platform is also constantly being updated to provide a precise range of data to analyze, accessible to all sports lovers, bettors, and sports trading. Here you will find the platform that gathers the most data and statistics to use for your benefit.</p> <p>Check if your favorite bookmaker will transmit this live match between CRAC and Goiás! Many sites in the industry have offered customers this possibility; surely, this is a game you won't want to miss.</p> <p></p> <p>Currently, CRAC is in 2nd place position, and Goiás is in 7th place.</p> <p>CRAC are coming from a draw in their last appearance against Vila Nova, by 1-1, while Goiás, drew in their most recent encounter, against Anápolis, 1-1.</p> <p>This game has a clear favorite, and this is CRAC. The bookmakers point out the team as the most likely to win and should not let this opportunity slip away in this duel.</p> <p>Remember that Goiás is the current champion of the Goiano 1. Hence, they deserve all possible caution, as they have recently proven to be a very dangerous team.</p> <p>Last season, the Goiano 1 had an average of yellow cards per match of 3.93—a good indication for this start of the tournament that the competition's referees usually give few warnings.</p> <p>In the Goiano 1 duels last season, on average, we had 10.05 corners per match. So we can see that the games were very eventful, as they should be at the beginning of the competition.</p> <p>As usual, home teams usually do well in Goiano 1 games. One indication of this is that home teams averaged 1.34 goals per appearance in the tournament's last edition, a trend that should continue in the current season.</p> <p>It is not so usual to see visiting clubs manage to score many goals. Last season's figures, for example, show this. The average number of goals scored by teams playing away from home in the competition was 1.05 goals per game.</p> <p><b>Match details:</b></p><p><b>NAME:</b> CRAC - Goiás</p><p><b>DATE:</b> 25-01-2023</p><p><b>TIME:</b> 16:00</p><p><b>STADIUM:</b> Estádio Genervino Evangelista da Fonseca, Catalão</p>