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Mineiro 1

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Atlético Mineiro vs Athletic Club

Who will win?

Starting Lineups

Atlético Mineiro

E. Marques Pires

R. Saravia

J. de Jesus Nascimento

M. Lemos Merladet

P. Bezerra do Nascimento

O. Passos Santos

F. Zaracho

P. Delmino da Silva

R. Dias

G. Vieira de Souza


Réver Humberto Alves de Araujo

Hyoran Kaue Dalmoro

Igor Rabello da Costa

Eduardo Jesús Vargas Rojas

Matheus Mendes Werneck de Oliveira

Edenílson Andrade dos Santos

Nathanael Ananias da Silva

Mariano Ferreira Filho

José Rodolfo Pires Ribeiro

Cristian David Pavón

Ademir da Silva Santos Junior

Athletic Club

J. Jacobi

P. Cabral Lalau

D. Cardoso Novais da Silva

D. de Oliveira

R. Rodrigues Ribeiro

V. Farias Locatelli

R. Zanre Zwarg

D. Trindade Braga

W. dos Santos

J. Moreira Rosa Junior

A. Azevedo Julio

Antonio Roberto de Souza Junior

Victor Sallinas Ribeiro

Edson Alves Miranda Junior

Patrick dos Santos Silva

Guilherme Mendes Ribeiro

Arildo Marques dos Santos Júnior

Douglas da Silva Santos

Lucas Balardin Rodrigues

Denivys Will da Vitória Junior

Luiz Ricardo Alves

Matheus Santos da Silva

Nathan Mendes da Silva

Atlético Mineiro

Athletic Club

Mineiro 1

Mineiro 1

Mineiro 1

Mineiro 1

Mineiro 1


CAP Patrocinense

Democrata SL


About the Match

<p>Atlético Mineiro and Athletic Club will meet on March 18th, 2023 in a <a href="">Mineiro 1</a> match in Belo Horizonte.</p> <p>At Betarena, you can access a vast selection of <a href="">tips</a>, <a href="">live results</a>, and <a href="">post-match analysis</a> throughout the <a href="">Mineiro 1</a>. Our statistics platform is also constantly being updated to provide a precise range of data to analyze, accessible to all sports lovers, bettors, and sports trading. Here you will find the platform that gathers the most data and statistics to use for your benefit.</p> <p>Confirm that your favorite bookmaker will air this live game between Atlético Mineiro and Athletic Club! Many websites in the business have provided this option to their users; surely, this is a match you won't want to miss.</p> <p></p> <p>The match between Atlético Mineiro vs Athletic Club 2023 will be the second of this fantastic match. It is the big decider of this duel. After a result of 1-0 in favor of Athletic Club in the first match, Atlético Mineiro has a significant advantage, having won away in the first match, they can hold on to a 0-0 score to go through to the next round.</p> <p>Currently, Atlético Mineiro is in position, and Athletic Club is in .</p> <p>Atlético Mineiro are coming from a victory in their last appearance against Millonarios, by 3-1, while Athletic Club, won in their most recent encounter, against Atlético Mineiro, 1-0.</p> <p>Remember that Atlético Mineiro is the current champion of the <a href="">Mineiro 1</a>. Hence, they deserve all possible caution, as they have recently proven to be a very dangerous team.</p> <p>The <a href="">Mineiro 1</a> has an average number of yellow cards per match of 5.75. This means that the competition's games usually have a high amount of bookings.</p> <p>In the <a href="">Mineiro 1</a> duels, we average 10.58 corners per match. So we can see that the games are lively, which usually pleases the lovers of offensive soccer.</p> <p>The home teams usually do well in <a href="">Mineiro 1</a> matches. One indication is that home teams average 1.34 goals per appearance.</p> <p>It is not so usual to see visiting teams manage to score many goals. The numbers show that. The average number of goals scored by teams playing away from home in the tournament is 1.19 per game.</p> <p><b>Match details:</b></p><p><b>NAME:</b> Atlético Mineiro - Athletic Club</p><p><b>DATE:</b> 18-03-2023</p><p><b>TIME:</b> 14:30</p><p><b>STADIUM:</b> Estádio Raimundo Sampaio, Belo Horizonte</p>


Atlético Mineiro

Athletic Club