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Content updated at: 03-12-2022, 04:01 UTC

The top national league in Mozambique, the Mocambola has another edition played this season 2022. With 12 teams participating, the competition will be played in 22 rounds, which will define who will be the grand champion of the championship, played in points.

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Mocambola 2022

22 matches of the current edition of the Mocambola have already been played. So far, the leader of the league table is Black Bulls Maputo, who has a total of 47 points so far. There are 0 points separating first place from second place, which is currently Songo.

After 22 rounds, the average goals per game recorded in this league is 2.1. The team with the most effective attack is Black Bulls Maputo, with 44 scored, while Incomáti is the team with the worst scoring streak, only 12 goals scored so far in the tournament.

As for defenses, the highlight goes to Songo, which has conceded only 9 times. At the same time, Matchedje de Mocuba has the worst defensive numbers in this edition of the Mocambola, with a total of 35 goals conceded.

It is also worth noting that in 54.76% of the games in Mocambola 2022, the home teams have been victorious. The away side has won in 19.05% of matches, while 26.19% of matches have ended in a draw.

The Mocambola

The current champion of the Mocambola is Black Bulls Maputo, which won the 2021 season, adding up 1 title in the history of the competition. Also worthy of note is Ferroviario Beira, who took second place in the table in the previous edition of the tournament.

In 2021, Mocambola had an average of 2.03 goals scored per match. The most efficient attack was Black Bulls Maputo, with 46 goals scored, while the least punished defense in that edition was Black Bulls Maputo, with only 16 goals conceded.

Overall, the club with the most titles in the history of Mocambola is LD Maputo, with 4 competition trophies in the gallery. Behind them, comes Songo, which has won the tournament 2 times.


What stage is Mocambola 2022 at?

There have been 22 rounds of the current edition of the Mocambola.

Who is the current champion of Mocambola?

The current champion of the Mocambola is Black Bulls Maputo, which won the 2021 season, thus adding up to 1 title in the history of the competition.

Which team has the most titles in Mocambola?

Overall, the team with the most trophies of the Mocambola is LD Maputo, with 4 competition trophies in the gallery.

Where to follow the development of the Mocambola 2022?

Here, at Betarena, you can follow the predictions, live results, and post-match analysis of all matches of this edition of the Mocambola.

How to make profits with sports betting on the Mocambola?

With the information available on Betarena's statistics page for the Mocambola 2022, you'll have everything you need to make good analyses and make more significant profits with sports betting.

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