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Liga de Expansión MX

Celaya vs Universidad Guadalajara

Who will win?

Starting Lineups


G. Allison Revuelta

L. López García

R. Peña Franco

N. Topete Gutiérrez

A. Domínguez Gerardo

J. Celaya Guerra

D. Zamora Hernández

E. Del Ángel Reséndiz

A. Escoto Ruiz

C. Acosta Zavala

R. Marín Sánchez

J. Gómez Dávila

Diego de Jesús Aguilar Millán

Francisco Ramón Vera Ruiz

Joshua Antonio Hernández Canales

Carlos Daniel Monges Avalos

Jesus Abraham Hernandez Torres

Rodrigo Ariel Melgarejo Ferreira

Héctor Raúl Pérez Noriega

Bernardo Aguilar Manzo

Josué Zazueta

Universidad Guadalajara

J. Hernández Soriano

J. González Fajardo

J. De Alba Flores

E. Jaramillo Castañeda

D. Escalante Moreno

M. Vallejo Navarro

W. Rentería Cuero

J. Henestrosa Vega

J. Hernández Parra

J. Hernández García

A. Carreón Doon

Bryan Elliot Flores Plata

Francisco Javier Rabago Ontiveros

Daniel Alejandro García Guzmán

Adrián Eduardo Villalobos Orozco

Aldo Emiliano Mota Molina

Felipe López Gutiérrez

Leonardo Fabián Martínez Landeros

Fernando Paul Ortega Flores

Alan Daniel Murillo Orozco

Denilson Saaid Muñoz Bustamante

Universidad Guadalajara


Liga de Expansión MX

Liga de Expansión MX

Liga de Expansión MX

Liga de Expansión MX

Liga de Expansión MX

About the Match

<p>Celaya and Universidad Guadalajara will meet on January 25th, 2023 in a Liga de Expansión MX match in Celaya.</p> <p>At Betarena, you can access a vast selection of <a href="">tips</a>, <a href="">live results</a>, and <a href="">post-match analysis</a> throughout the Liga de Expansión MX. Our statistics platform is also constantly being updated to provide a precise range of data to analyze, accessible to all sports lovers, bettors, and sports trading. Here you will find the platform that gathers the most data and statistics to use for your benefit.</p> <p>Ensure that your go-to bookmaker will stream this live match between Celaya and Universidad Guadalajara! Many companies in the industry have offered this possibility to their customers; surely, this is a game you won't want to miss.</p> <p>A lower soccer division in the country, the Liga de Expansión MX usually promotes good games. After all, these clubs dream and give their all in search of promotion.</p> <p>Currently, Celaya is in 1st place position, and Universidad Guadalajara is in 3rd place.</p> <p>Celaya are coming from a draw in their last appearance against Raya2, by 1-1, while Universidad Guadalajara, lost in their most recent encounter, against Cimarrones de Sonora, 1-2.</p> <p>The Liga de Expansión MX has an average number of yellow cards per match of 5.81. This means that the competition's games usually have a high amount of bookings.</p> <p>In the Liga de Expansión MX duels, we average 9.81 corners per match. So we can see that the games are lively, which usually pleases the lovers of offensive soccer.</p> <p>The home teams usually do well in Liga de Expansión MX matches. One indication is that home teams average 1.53 goals per appearance.</p> <p>It is not so usual to see visiting teams manage to score many goals. The numbers show that. The average number of goals scored by teams playing away from home in the tournament is 1.04 per game.</p> <p><b>Match details:</b></p><p><b>NAME:</b> Celaya - Universidad Guadalajara</p><p><b>DATE:</b> 25-01-2023</p><p><b>TIME:</b> 17:00</p><p><b>STADIUM:</b> Estadio Miguel Alemán Valdés, Celaya</p>



Universidad Guadalajara