Whether or not it's worth investing in multiple bets

Whether you are a novice or experienced bettor, you can admit that at some point, you have tried to win a multi bet with high odds. We won’t judge you. It is undeniable that high odds are desirable, even more so when formed by events with good odds. That said, it seems that making this kind of selection is the best way to profit in the world of sports betting, right? Well, it is not exactly like that.

Several reasons make multiple bets offer more losses than profits. We will talk a bit more about these issues in this article. We emphasize that many of these aspects have already been mentioned in other Betarena articles. Among them, for example, are the focus on the long term and to what extent the low odds are attractive. Check the following paragraphs and see the reasons that can make this type of selection risky.

Don't be fooled by impressions

Multi-betting has some attractions that can be misleading at first, one of them being that tickets are always not won by one or two games. This type of selection is usually made at low odds. In other words, events with a good chance of happening. But in the coldness of the numbers, how often have you managed to beat a significant multiple, and how many times have you stayed for one or two mistakes?

We guarantee that the second option wins this dispute with a considerable advantage. Most probably to the point of making you lose. That’s without including the tickets that go wrong. In addition, due to the multiplication of choices, the high odds may seem advantageous. However, they will hardly have any value. Therefore, the bet becomes a mere guess, not a carefully made selection.

Multi bets with low odds

Another problem that can be easily identified when placing multiple bets is that they are usually composed of low odds. We recently talked about this in an article here at Betarena and concluded that the very low odds and the higher ones are not worth it. This is not just for single selections. It makes sense that the pick has some basis, even for a multiple. Without having value, the events chosen will most likely not have that.

To do this, it doesn’t take much. However, an excellent solution to get away from multiple bets and towards simple selections can be found in the same selected events. Sometimes stretching a result or goal line, for example, can be enough to find value in an odd. Instead of betting on a double chance for a team, selecting a win without a draw, the famous ‘Draw no Bet’ can add value to the choice.

Long term profit in betting

Several times we have already said in our articles that for a bettor to obtain long-term profit, it takes a lot of discipline and study. The multiple bets, in a way, prevent this from happening. After all, no matter how much analysis is done before choosing this type, one factor, in particular, prevents the ticket from having any value. This issue is the unpredictability that sporting events offer—the greater the number of games involved, the greater the chance of an upset.

It is essential to consider this, for example, when choosing a bookmaker. Options that do not offer a variety of markets and choices can make it challenging to find alternatives for multiple bets, which is often even deliberate since this type of ticket is one of the means that most earn profits for the bookmakers. Bet365 is one of the leading companies because of this offers in the main games and sports in the world several different selections for the bettors.

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