How do bonus offers work in bookmakers?

One of the great attractions of the bookmakers for new players, or even for existing ones, is the bonus offers. They are the most varied bonuses the companies provide to the bettors, with different values, forms, and rules. However, how far should this influence when choosing your favorite bookmaker? We will explain a little more how this system works and understand which are the best opportunities.

This article will explain how bonus offers work in most cases in bookmakers. We will talk about how each type of reward is usually provided and more advantageous. Moreover, we will also help you understand how the rollover works, the famous rules that transform this ‘prize’ into real money. Check our analysis in the following paragraphs and draw your conclusions!

The most common bonus offers

Almost all bookmakers have a bonus offer, which is usually also the most attractive one. These are the famous welcome rewards. They are values offered to new bettors who register in the houses. There are several forms used for this type of offer. The most common is related to a percentage of the value of the first deposit of the bettor. For example, in this case, 100% of the amount placed as credit in an amount of up to 200 Dollars may be offered.

A person who finds a bookmaker with the example mentioned above would have the following scenario: if he deposits 200 Dollars, he receives another 200 bonus. If you make a payment of 300 Dollars, you will also have as a reward only 200 Dollars. This is a type of offer that deserves a lot of attention. We must remember that this is money that will come out of the gambler’s pocket and define the prize. Therefore, not always the highest offer is the most advantageous.

Other types of bonuses

Besides the welcome bonus offers, the bookmakers also usually offer other ways to reward players. One of the most common for registered users is the free bets, also known as freebets. In them, the bookmakers usually choose a specific maximum value for the bettors to make, and nothing is taken from the bettor’s bankroll. It can be on one particular event, as Bet365 recently offered for some in the final of the Brazil Cup, for example, or free to be used in any game.

Another type of bonus offer, much less used, is related to a tiny bonus for users who invite new players. However, this method has become increasingly rare to find in bookmakers nowadays. Finally, it is also possible to see companies that offer some bonus upon accepting some challenge. It can be a questionnaire to be answered, a series of bets to be made or some game proposed by the bookmaker. However, it is worth mentioning that the values are usually shallow in both cases.

The famous rollover

The more experienced bettors must have already heard about rollover. The term refers to the rules imposed by the bookmakers so that the value of the bonus offer becomes ‘real money. That is the amount that the player can withdraw. This, without doubt, is the most critical factor that should be observed when understanding a bonus that is offered. After all, there is no point in having a massive amount as a bonus, but the obstacles to withdrawing that money are immense.

This is where bettors can often fall into traps. After all, many are attracted only by the value of the bonus offer and forget to check other bookmaker details. Besides the rollover, it is also imperative to pay attention to several other issues, such as the quality of support, payment methods, and types of odds. So, remember that bonuses are exciting and can help build the bankroll. However, there is much more to observe.

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