Juventude vs Internacional betting tip 2024 - Picks and Predictions for the Brazilian Cup match on July 13th, 2024

Juventude and Internacional are scheduled to play against each other on July 13th, 2024, Saturday, in a Brazilian Cup match to be held in Brazil, check the Juventude vs Internacional betting tip and prediction to win with your bets.

Entering to compete in the Brazilian Cup at this stage are the teams participating in the Libertadores Cup and the others that have been automatically qualified. These face the 20 teams that qualified in the 64th and 32nd rounds. Juventude and Internacional compete, in two legs, for a place in the tournament's next stage.

The game takes place in the Estádio Alfredo Jaconi stadium, in the city of Caxias do Sul, with a capacity for 30519 spectators, who hope to help the team to surprise in this match.

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Introduction to the Juventude vs Internacional betting tip 2024

Two teams that belong to the Brazilian Serie A come into the field, which foresees an extremely difficult match for both, but at the same time a very important one. In this match, the home factor will be fundamental to help the team win the game and reach the next stage.

In the matches for this competition, there are always different match facts. Juventude performance to this stage is 3 goals scored and still 1 against.

On the other hand, Internacional come this far with 4 goals scored and 0 conceded.

And while we're on the historical factor, it's important to point out that it's always pertinent to consider the history of relevance in the competition, so for this game it should be noted that Juventude has 1 Brazilian Cup victory in their record, while Internacional has also won the competition 1 time.

Regarding the current form of the teams, based on statistical data, we can assume that the Juventude team, in the last five matches, achieved more regular results and a total of 2 wins compared to the Internacional team, which won only 1 game.


In order to make the most of their home advantage, the Roger Machado Marques-coached team should take an attacking stance in the upcoming match. We all know how important it is to play at home in a Cup game, and the team is likely to be more aggressive, leading to more corners and shots.

Currently, in the Serie A, the Juventude formation has 5 wins, 5 defeats and 4 draws, making a total of 19 points after 14 rounds, ranking them in 11th place. Also, the Juventude team goes with a total of 18 goals scored and 19 goals conceded.

Juventude arrives from a victory in the last match they played. The contest against Grêmio, valid for the Serie A, ended with a score of 3-0 in favor of the team.

The crucial point that we need to analyze now is the main objective of all teams, which is to score goals. It's evident that Juventude, in their two principal domestic competitions (Serie A and Brazilian Cup), has managed to score a total of 21 goals so far in this 2024 season.

In contrast, the Juventude team's defense and goalkeeping now adds up to a total of 20 goals conceded this season in their two main domestic competitions.


In away games, Internacional might prefer to adopt a slightly defensive strategy to secure a draw against their adversary. Scoring goals in away matches can be quite challenging, especially in Cup games, where the hosts are highly motivated to use the home advantage. Therefore, the visitors are likely to score fewer goals.

In the Serie A, the Internacional formation has 5 wins, 4 defeats and 4 draws, thus obtaining a total of 19 points after 13 rounds, ranking them in 10th place. Also, the Internacional team goes with a total of 12 goals scored and 11 goals conceded.

The visiting team arrives at this match after a defeat in the previous event. In a dispute valid for Serie A, Internacional faced the Vasco da Gama team, and the score ended with a 1-2 for their rivals.

Let's analyze the crucial point that concerns the primary objective of every team, which is to score goals. We can see that Internacional, in both its major domestic competitions (Serie A and Brazilian Cup), has scored a total of 16 goals in this 2024 season.

Now a few markets where you can get some return from your bets:

Score market betting suggestions

For those looking to bet, noting that most goals occur 75-90 minutes into the game could be helpful.

In order to generate a good prediction on the goal market for this match, we must first analyze the average number of goals in each team's games this season. Thus, we were able to obtain that in their matches, the Juventude team scores a total of 1.5 goals on average and accumulates a total of 0.5 goals conceded.

On the other hand, in the matches of Internacional, they score an average of 2 goals per match and conceed a total of 0 goals.

Corners market betting suggestions

One should consider that the combined number of corners of both teams will give an average of 6.5 corners per game if one would like to have good betting results.

Individual Analysis of Corner Kicks

In order to generate a good prediction in the corner kicks market for this match, we must first analyze this average individually in each team's games in this season. Thus, we have that Juventude can obtain, on average, a total of 7 corners in its favor in each match.

On the other hand, in games where Internacional is present, this team obtains an average of 6 corners. We are convinced that this selection is a good bet, as both teams have an individual average of corner kicks per match that is above 9.5 corners this season.

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